Energy & Facility Analytics

ET  ANLorg

This Analytics suite of products can transform large amounts of real-time data collected from manufacturing devices, and turn it into actionable intelligence. The goal is to leverage integrated technologies to improve the effectiveness of manufacturing systems.

AX Energy

AX Energy is a web-based energy-management application that can reduce utility bills by up to 25% annually. Designed for easy deployment and fast ROI, it analyzes the output from thousands of meters to present key performance indicators in a rich visualization environment. The site summary includes details of overall energy consumption, cost, and carbon footprint.


AX Facility

AX Facility converts data into actionable insights. The visualization software is based on real-time fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) algorithms that monitor equipment performance. AX Facility calculates the probability of fault occurrence and the associated cost, making it easy to predict downtime and prioritize the correction of faults based on available resources.