MES/ERP & Cloud Appliances

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The days of managing several manual procedures and complex spreadsheets will soon be behind us, if not already. Management increasingly requires complete visibility to plant operations, and access to real-time data to make quick decisions with confidence. To accomplish this, today's manufacturing facilities need to automate every aspect of their operations, and consider investing in an agile MES/ERP solution.

MES Interface

The MES Interface provides a reliable bridge between manufacturing equipment and enterprise systems without intermediate gateway PCs. This module can act as a single source information provider, making sure that the manufacturing process is operating flawlessly from start to finish. The transmission of data can be event-driven, providing real-time production status and enable immediate response to any problem.


IoT Gateway

Offers a simple way to connect machine assets to the cloud, and uses a configurable web-based portal and dashboard for centralized management and contextualized visualization.