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IoT Gateway Overview

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IoT Gateway for Smart Machine Innovations

Several trends have impacted production operations over the last decade, creating the need to enhance automation systems to accommodate a changing global landscape. Many OEMs have responded with smarter machines to ensure higher levels of value to their customers, while navigating more complex technology requirements. The IoT Gateway is a crucial technology behind this initiative, as it securely connects machine assets to the cloud, offering contextualized and remote visualization, and ultimately serving data to the enterprise systems for further analysis. Its main purpose is to help organizations unlock additional levels of operational insights to achieve their business and revenue goals.


Key Benefits
  • Management of consumable materials – Visibility to current inventory level at each location, predicting usage through past usage rates, and prompting users to replenish inventory just-in-time reduces inventory carrying cost for both OEM and end users.
  • Remote machine maintenance – React immediately to machine abnormalities without going onsite helps reduce time-to-resolution and saves traveling expenses.
  • Contextualized visualization – Role-based dashboards can be created for anytime, anywhere, providing contextualized access to real-time machine OEE status and accelerating decision making.
  • Predictive maintenance – Monitor the entire machine fleet and analyze key indicators for signs of decreasing performance and upcoming failure. Armed with this information, OEMs can perform just-in-time maintenance to ensure higher uptime and improved productivity.
  • Cellular connectivity to remote machines – Connectivity via the Verizon cellular network is available for machines that are in very remote locations without stable internet access.
Customized dashboard
Use the pre-configured widgets to create a simple dashboard that can be viewed through a web-browser, or create more advanced dashboards using a web programming language such as C# or .Net programming.

Central management of machine fleets
View and manage all machine assets that are connected to the cloud through a web-based portal. Manage users, remotely configure the IoT Gateway, monitor key alarms and machine performance, keep a detailed log of events, and create custom applications.

Secured remote access to deployed machines
Remotely monitor the devices (PLC, HMI, etc.) and upload a new program to resolve issues, enable new functions, or activate optional features.

Never lose data with store-and-forward
In the event of a network failure, the IoT Gateway can store data in its internal memory, and forward the information when the connection is re-established.