Visualization & Data Acquisition


Streaming information up to the cloud enables manufacturers to better understand their data and find innovative ways to deliver value for their products. The most effective way to deliver this information is on customized dashboards that present multiple metrics on a single display.

MC Works64

MC Works64 makes it easy to integrate various types of systems and create a powerful visualization source of information. Across all systems, MC Works64 bridges data connectivity, aggregates it, and delivers this information to the user in a powerful visualization dashboard configuration.


IoT Gateway

Mitsubishi Electric`s IoT gateway is an industrial Internet of Things platform which improves visibility and accessibility of the aggregated information from manufacturing devices. The IoT gateway suite securely connects manufacturing plants and remote facilities to cloud based platforms. By leveraging the Azure or Amazon platform cloud services we can deploy and scale applications ideally suited to the new era of Industry 4.0 and IoT deployments. It is flexible and scalable to monitor a wide variety of assets at facilities, on plant floors, within manufacturing equipment, and at remote sites.