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iQ Monozukuri


The Mitsubishi Electric iQ Monozukuri offering concentrates on improving the productivity, quality, and concepts for achieving process improvements associated with the construction and configuration of applications, and devices. iQ Monozukuri forms a foundation for smart machinery, predictive maintenance, integrated robotics, and an empowered workforce.
The iQ Monozukuri offerings are deployed as packages consisting of pre‐engineered application solutions accompanied by technical documentation. iQ Monozukuri packages significantly reduce development and deployment times of industrial automation solutions allowing customers to bring products to market faster, and with greater consistency and efficiency.  iQ Monozukuri application solutions are an example of how Mitsubishi Electric is empowering innovators to produce greater value for their organizations.

iQ Monozukuri Andon provides a solution to easily implement and operate an Andon system. Andon systems are used in manufacturing systems to visualize information from the production floor and share the information with factory workers, production managers, and maintenance personnel.
iQ Monozukuri Packaging is a complete and powerful engineering tool to help packaging OEMs and end users shorten development time of new machines. It includes function blocks for various cam profiles, rotary cutter, and long dwell application sample programs as well as sample GOT screens.
iQ Monozukuri Converting was specifically crafted for OEMs and end users in the printing and converting industries. It includes function blocks for speed/torque control, converting application sample programs, and sample GOT screens. Available for the iQ-R Series PLC platform,it saves valuable program development time and improves production quality.