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Machine Tool Tending

ARIA machine tending base

ARIA for Machine Tending
ARIA's machine tending base is specifically designed for CNC Mill, Lathe, and Swiss Tending, as well as Brake Press Tending applications. Our team has done the engineering necessary so you can start running and making parts quickly after delivery for quick ROI and maximum productivity.

View our additional machine tending solution LoadMate Plus™


 Ethernet Port ARIA 

Plug and play machine tending

Simple connection via Ethernet – Integrating ARIA’s machine tending solution to a CNC Mill, Lathe or Swiss machine with Mitsubishi Electric’s M8 Series CNC is as simple as plugging in an Ethernet cable. For CNC machines utilizing other controls, end-users can connect through discrete I/O, EtherNet IP, PROFIBUS or ANYWIRE ASLINK communication protocols too enable seamless connectivity and fast implementation.


Program and adjust on the fly with no need for robot expertise

Direct Robot Control CNC software – Through the Direct Robot Control (DRC) feature of our M8 Series CNC, operators can control and program the robot with menus and G-code from the same screen used for the machine tool. In addition, we offer preprogrammed software packages that are accessible and customizable via an HMI. Both solutions eliminate the need for staff with extensive robot programming experience to make adjustments on the fly.

 Embedded PLC ARIA 

Embedded FX5 PLC delivers superior functionality and flexibility

Flexible and intuitive – ARIA’s base has a small footprint that enables use in confined spaces. ARIA is powerful enough to act as a stand-alone system, or it can be easily implemented into an existing automation cell. ARIA utilizes our powerful FX5 PLC to enable functionality and flexibility for the most demanding applications. ARIA’s base houses all critical components required for operation, including: CR800 control, FX5 PLC, HMI, power supply, and air regulation.

All robot options can be found in our technical specification guide.

RV-CR Series RV-FR Series ASSISTA Cobot SCARA Robot
Slim and compact robot offering a high level of utility and design in a cost-effective package. Perfect all around, versatile robot.
Available in a variety of reaches, payloads, and protection ratings (including Food Grade/Chemical Resistant) for jobs that require it.
Our industrial Cobot combines the safety and ease-of-programming of a collaborative robot with the durability and higher cycle speeds of industrial robots.
Our SCARA robots are ready to be the high speed robotic solution for even the most demanding of applications.


Preprogrammed software packages HMI screen RT ToolBox3 screenshot MELFA Works Safety zone
Preprogrammed Software Packages
For users wanting access to preprogrammed software on the Standard Base, the optional HMI provides access to preprogrammed software packages and allows users to manually jog, teach and monitor robot and system status.
RT Toolbox3
Support the life cycle of your system, including programming and editing, scope of operations, tact time, debugging prior to startup, and monitoring of robot conditions and malfunctions during operations.
Simulate robot production systems on SolidWorks and output the data of processing paths on workpieces.

Force sensor R86TB teach pendant GT25 Handy HMI
Force Sensor
Assembly/processing tasks are performed in the same manner as a human being, while sensing the force that is applied to the gripper.
R86TB Teach Pendant
High-performance teach pendant for improved operability. Handles processes from setup to maintenance, reducing time and cost.
GT25 Handy HMI
For users wanting access to preprogrammed software on Machine Tool base, the GT25 Handy HMI provides access to preprogrammed software packages and allows users to manually jog, teach and monitor robot and system status via a lightweight, portable and high-resolution HMI.

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