Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC290

Buildings. Tunnels. Train stations. Clean rooms. Mitsubishi Electric's HVAC solutions provide the right balance of performance, efficiency and reliability to optimize control and maintain the ideal climate for the setting and the season. How? Our automation for HVAC systems allow you to monitor remotely, ensure redundancy, adapt to temperature changes, eliminate noise, unify management, detect anomalies and more.

From intelligent hardware such as programmable controllers (PLCs) and direct digital controllers (DDCs) to a range of circuit breaker technologies and redundant PLCs, count on us for comfort that is easy to maintain so you, your tenants, your workers and your customers can focus on your own business.

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Product List

PowerGate H Series

PowerGateH The H Series HVAC controller is a slimline solution for the commercial HVAC industry

PowerGate C Series

PowerGateC The C Series controller is a standard off the shelf bypass solution based off of our popular FR-D700 for commercial pump and fan control

PowerGate 18 Series

PowerGate18 The 18 Series controller is a standard off the shelf 18 pulse harmonic mitigation solution for pumps and fans

HVAC Resellers

HVAC Roof185x67 A convenient collection of commonly used sales tools and documents for the commercial HVAC marketplace