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Water & Wastewater Solutions


Minimize deployment costs and enable more efficient and effective operations with Mitsubishi Electric Automation's water and wastewater treatment solutions.

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To protect both the water supply and the environment, water and wastewater facility safety requirements must be set in stone. Collection and management of water resources are subject to strict regulatory guidelines that can be expensive to fulfill and that many consumers take for granted. Modernizing infrastructure today will facilitate energy- and cost-efficient water delivery and wastewater treatment systems tomorrow.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation enables digitally optimized water utilities to streamline data and energy management and analysis, both in the field and upstream. Our full range of smart water solutions help municipalities reduce costs while increasing water quality, availability and sustainability. For more than 50 years, we have provided cutting-edge, reliable solutions for water treatment automation that range from energy-efficient variable frequency drives (VFDs) to intelligent automation software.

Water Treatment and Distribution

From developed regions to rapidly growing countries, water automation solutions differ with the needs of global customers. Intelligent control of water management is key to keeping the supply secure and affordable. Mitsubishi Electric's automation software and full line of energy-efficient inverters, controllers and power monitoring equipment deliver real-time visibility, secure remote management, situation-specific data visualization and automated decision making to prevent problems before they occur.

Major Applications of Our Products:

  • - Intake flow rate
  • - Screens
  • - Pumps
  • - Flow rate filtration
  • - Alkali builder injection
  • - Chlorine density injection
  • - Distribution delivery pressure
  • - Distribution flow rates
Water Treatment and Distribution

Wastewater Treatment

Water facilities are typically the largest energy consumers for many municipalities. Mitsubishi Electric Automation's wastewater treatment solutions optimize and maintain a steadfast flow of operations to modernize operations and minimize costs.

Major Applications of Our Products:

  • - Pump stations
  • - Aeration ratio/Dissolved oxygen (DO)
  • - Return sludge
  • - Charge/Pull-out sludge
  • - Chlorine injection
  • - Coagulant injection
Wastewater Treatment Plant


It’s a challenging and often long-distance process to move water from its source to its agricultural end-users. Mitsubishi Electric's automated irrigation technologies ensure that agricultural producers receive the right amount of water, at the right time, with minimal loss..

Efficient Downstream Production

Automation has a tremendous effect on water, energy and labor conservation for large-scale agriculture. Mitsubishi Electric irrigation solutions enable automatic monitoring and control of remote valves during ideal night conditions to provide significant savings at every step.

Synergistic Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric's proprietary technologies let you craft single-source automation solutions with future-proof expandability. Our proprietary technologies let you craft flexible, integrated irrigation systems for projects of any scale. Whether you need to automate dam control or optimize vineyard irrigation, count on Mitsubishi Electric.

More Information:

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System Configuration

Water Wastewater System Configuration