After-Hours Emergency Parts Shipping (Continental United States Only)


Parts can break down at any time, day or night. Production downtime can be very costly and getting your machine back in working order is of the highest importance. You can count on Mitsubishi Electric to provide support in your time of need to get your machine back in production.

Note: This service is for shipping in the Continental United States only.

If you require an after hours emergency parts shipment, please follow the steps below. *Note: external cables are not eligible for this program and parts that require programming may not be eligible for this program.

1)  After Hours Emergency Parts Shipping for Computerized Numerical Controls (CNC) parts will be available from 7:00 PM CST until 7:00 AM CST Monday through Friday, and 24 hours on weekends and holidays. To utilize this service, please contact us at 847-478-2505. To reach us during regular business hours, call 847-478-2500x 1. *Note: For all other automation parts (PLC, HMI, VFD, Robot, etc.) please call 847-478-2111 or click here for more information.

2)  Once a call is received by the MEAU ON CALL personnel, MEAU will require the following:

  • Customer Name
  • Ship to Customer (if different)
  • Ship to Address
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Shipping information (this can be a courier of your choice otherwise MEAU will arrange). If you arrange pick up, MEAU will need contact information for the pick-up service.
  • Machine Model & Serial Number
  • Part information: Item Number or Item Description and Quantity
  • Billing information (Warranty / Non-Warranty)If you need shipping confirmation, special handling instructions, or other additional information, please make this request during the call.

3)  A PO is required and needs to be issued to us on the first business day following use of the service.

4)  This service is to be utilized for emergency shipping only and will not be considered an extension of our normal business hours operations.

5)  A flat fee of $500.00 per shipment will be charged. This fee is in addition to any part and shipping costs otherwise incurred.