After-Hours Emergency Parts Shipping (Continental United States Only)


Parts can break down any time, day or night negatively affecting production. Downtime can be very costly preventing you from fulfilling your customer’s needs. Mitsubishi Electric is here to support you by supporting our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Count on us to quickly get you the parts needed to get your machine or application back up and running.

Note: This service is for shipping in the Continental United States only.

During normal business hours contact our Customer Care department, however if your emergency need arises after hours, on the weekend, or on a holiday, you can still get the parts you need by calling the Emergency Parts Shipping Desk at (847) 478-2505.

  1. After-hours includes the time between 6:00 PM CT and 7:00 AM CT Monday through Friday, and weekends beginning at 6:00 PM CT on Friday through 7:00 AM CT on Monday, and holidays.

  2. To use our service, please call (847)-478-2505. Once connected, you will be placed on a brief hold while you are connected to our on-call logistics (OCL) group. The following information will be required to place an order:
    • Part number/Item number/Description (if available)/Quantity*
      • If parts are for a CNC Machine, please indicate machine model & serial number
      • Please indicate if the order is for warranty/non-warranty parts (if known)

    • OCL will check available inventory.
      • For in stock parts we will require the following information:
        • Company Name
        • Requestor’s Name
        • Email address
        • Street address
        • Telephone number
        • Are you an authorized Mitsubishi Electric Automation Distributor (yes/no)
      • For out of stock parts, you will be transferred to one of our on-call engineers who can help identify a suitable alternative, if available. After identifying/confirming the alternative part, you will be returned to OCL where the above information will be required.

    • Shipping Information:
      • Provide the ship-to address if different from the ordering company address.

    • Confirming your order:
      • Mitsubishi Electric Automation requires a reply to confirm the order and conditional acceptance of the additional $500 after-hours service fee.
      • Once shipped, you will receive an email from OCL confirming your order along with relevant tracking/bill of lading information.

    • *NOTE: After-hours emergency part shipping is not available for external cables or parts requiring special programming.

  3. A purchase order is required and must be received no later than the first business day following the use of the service.

  4. This service is to be used for emergency shipments only and is not considered an extension of our normal business hours.