Background: The MR-H (AN/BN) product line served as a high performance single axis amplifier with a high-performance 32-bit RISC processor and a 200Hz frequency response. This amlifier was used in applications requiring short settling times and high precision. The MR-H Servo Amplifier was with employed multiple industry leading technologies and was ideal for applications a wide variety of applications including rotary tables, roll feeders, inserters (x-y table), machining tools, conveyors requiring highly stable control.

Lifecycle: Introduced (1993) - Discontinued (2005)

Service Life: Repair service for MR-H products was available until 11/2012.

Migration Info: The MR-J4 amplifier and HG motor series integrate seamlessly with your existing manufacturing assets, ensuring a smooth transition to the speed and cost benefits of leading-edge technology. For information on how to increase machine performance and cost savings with migration please visit our knowledgebase or select the link below.

For Documentation Regarding Migration - Click Here

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