Background: Launched more than 25 years ago, the MR-J series is Mitsubishi Electric's flagship family of high-performance servo systems.

Lifecycle: Introduced (1988) - Discontinued (2000)

Service Life: Repair Service was made available through November 2008.

Migration Info: Customer still using the MR-J amplifiers and MR-J motors should migrate to the new MR-J4 servo amplifier and HG servo motor product lines. Please refer to the following table for suggested replacement. We highly recommend that contact your local Mitsubishi Electric office to confirm all specifications before final decisions.

Amplifiers & Motors
 MR-J Series
 Discontinued Product 
 MR-J4 Series
 Suggested Replacement 
 MR-J-10A(1)   HA-FE053(B)  MR-J4-10A(1)   HG-KR053(B)
 HA-FE13(B)  HG-KR13(B)
 MR-J-20A(1)   HA-FE23(B)  MR-J4-20A(1)  HG-KR23(B)
 MR-J-40A(1)  HA-FE33(B)  MR-J4-40A(1)  HG-KR43(B)
 HA-FE43(B)  HG-KR43(B)
 MR-J-60A  HA-FE63(B)  MR-J4-70A  HG-KR73(B)
 MR-J-10MA(1)   HA-ME053(B)  MR-J4-10A(1)   HG-MR053(B)
 HA-ME13(B)  HG-MR13(B)
 MR-J-20MA(1)  HA-ME23(B)  MR-J4-20A(1)  HG-MR23(B)
 MR-J-40MA(1)  HA-ME43(B)  MR-J4-40A(1)  HG-MR43(B)
 MR-J-70MA  HA-ME73(B)  MR-J4-70A  HG-MR73(B)
 MR-J-70A  HA-SE52(B)  MR-J4-60A  HG-SR52(B)
 HA-SE53(B)  HG-SR52(B)
 MR-J-100A  HA-SE81(B)  MR-J4-100A  HG-SR81(B)
 HA-SE102(B)  HG-SR102(B)
 HA-SE103(B)  HG-SR102(B)
 HA-SE121(B)  MR-J4-200A  HG-SR121(B)
 MR-J-200A  HA-SE152(B)  MR-J4-200A  HG-SR152(B)
 HA-SE153(B)  HG-SR152(B)
 HA-SE201(B)  HG-SR201(B)
 HA-SE202(B)  HG-SR202(B)
 HA-SE203(B)  HG-SR202(B)
 MR-J-350A  HA-SE301(B)  MR-J4-350A  HG-SR301(B)
 HA-SE352(B)  HG-SR352(B)
 HA-SE353(B)  HG-SR352(B)