E1000 Series


Background: The E Series family has been an integral part of Mitsubishi Electric's product offering for several years. Its features, functions, and connectivity to various industrial devices were great complements to Mitsubishi's Human Machine Interface solutions. As your E1000 terminals reach their calculated useful life, we can help you identify a transition path to the newer GOT2000 Series.

Lifecycle: Introduced (2005) - Discontinued (April 1, 2014)

Service Life: March 2015 or until parts/components become unavailable.

Migration Info: The E Series terminals should be transitioned to GOT2000 Series. The GOT2000 platform is a Graphical Operator Terminal (GOT) that combines the best in performance, graphics, and functionality in an ultra-compact and robust package. It is designed to tailor to applications of any size and complexity. We encourage customers to contact your local Mitsubishi office or sales outlet to discuss the migration options.