AnS & QnAS Series


Background: The AnS & QnAS Series was first released in 1990 and has served as a reliable programmable logic controller for many customers for over 20 years. In many cases, systems installed early in the product lifecycle continue in daily use today. Despite continued usefulness and high reliability, it is time to consider transition as many of these systems have reached the calculated useful life.

Lifecycle: Introduced (1990) - Discontinued (2014)

Service Life: Repair service for AnS & QnAS Series products will continue until 2021 or until parts/components become unavailable.

Migration Info: The AnS & QnAS Series are succeeded by the Q Series. In most cases there is an equivalent Q Series configuration that will offer the same capabilities. There are a variety of adapter tools that will assist the transition. For complete details of what steps are required to transition to a Q Series system, please contact your local Mitsubishi office or sales outlet to discuss the available options.

AnS Series Transition Info: To find manuals and other documentation regarding AnS Series transition, make sure you are signed in to this website and select "Manuals" or "All Content" under the Product Resources column on the right side of this page. Questions, comments or concerns regarding the A Series Transition? Please contact us at

Download the AQ Conversion Tool Here