Background: Released in 1990 the FX Series represented a significant design change from existing PLCs. The footprint of the hardware was dramatically reduced, allowing FX PLCs to be used in new applications and industries. Additionally, communication ports with standard connectors were also introduced, enable increased connection capabilities. The FX Series includes the FX, FX2, FX2C, and FX1 PLCs.

Lifecycle: Introduced (1990) - Discontinued (2002)

Service Life: Repair Period Ended (2009)

Migration Info: Depending on I/O requirements either the FX3G or FX5U PLC should be used in place of an FX PLC. Neither is a direct drop-in replacement in terms of wiring or dimensions, but very similar. FX PLCs can be programmed using the same software as the FX3G and FX5U, but some review is necessary to ensure that all functions of the program are migrated successfully. Please contact your local Mitsubishi representative if additional assistance is required.

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