RH-SDHR Series


Background: First released in 2009, the RH-SDHR Series was capable of programming with languages as recent as MELFA Basic V. The RH-SDHR series were able to function in a wide variety of applications. The RH-SDHR Series was replaced with the RH-FDHR series.

Lifecycle: Introduced (2009) - Discontinued (2013)

Service Life: Repair service continues until 2020, or until parts/components become unavailable.

Migration Info: The RH-SDHR Series has been replaced by the RH-FDHR Series. The RH-FDHR Series is identical in size and mounting to the RH-SDHR series, so existing mounts, tooling and robot arm options can be used by the RH-FDHR series robots. All programs from RH-SDHR series robots can also be utilized in RH-FDHR series units. We encourage customers to contact their local Mitsubishi Electric office or authorized sales outlet for further information.