RH-SQH Series (iQ Platform)

RH-SQH iQ Platform

Background: First released in 2009, the RH-SQH Series was the first robot platform to offer iQ PLC integration as well as many other advanced features. Capable of programming with languages as recent as MELFA Basic V. The RH-SQH series were able to function in a wide variety of applications. The RH-SQH Series was replaced with the RH-FQH series.

Lifecycle: Introduced (2009) - Discontinued (2013)

Service Life: Repair service continues until 2020, or until parts/components become unavailable. (2018 for RH-18SQH)

Migration Info: The RH-SQH Series has been replaced by the RH-FQH Series. Although the RH-FQH Series offers units similar in size and mounting to the RH-SQH series, there are slight variations that need to be accommodated to mount RH-FQH series robots to existing locations, and with existing tooling. All programs from RH-SQH series robots can be utilized in RH-FQH series units. We encourage customers to contact their local Mitsubishi Electric office or authorized sales outlet for further information.