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Locate an authorized Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. Diamond Partner integrator near you using the search function to filter by location, product category, industries served, application experience, integrator name or proximity.

Whether you’re an equipment builder or end-user, System Integrators can provide invaluable expertise. The objective of the program is to develop connections with select System Integrator partners that will create and improve relationships with new and existing customers. The program consists of a network of qualified engineering resources, strategically located, that our customers can utilize in the implementation of the Mitsubishi Electric products and solutions.

Diamond Partner – Integrator Elite
While all our Diamond Partner integrators are empowered to help you innovate and meet your challenges, the Diamond Partner - Integrator Elite companies bring the added benefit of highly competent resources for the integration of Mitsubishi Electric products and solutions. These integrators work in a close collaborative partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Automation.

All of our integrator partners employ technical resources who are factory-trained in providing product application development and on-site start-up assistance and/or support as needed. For more information, please e-mail us at

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