CNC Maintenance Technician Certification


The current generation of CNC Mills and Lathes are highly sophisticated machining centers with complex systems that work in unison to create a wide variety of components. Critical operation and problem solving skills are required to keep these machines up and running. Employees having the skillset to maintain and troubleshoot these systems are valuable to employers.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation's CNC Maintenance Technician program offers training for new and experienced personnel who are looking to expand their credentials and obtain Mitsubishi Electric Maintenance Certification.

The following identifies the curriculum path one would take to achieve CNC Maintenance Technician Certification

Certified CNC Maintenance3

CNC Maintenance (TRCNC001M)
This course introduces students to essential practices and skills required to maintain and troubleshoot CNC equipment. Curriculum covers controls, amplifiers and servo motors common in mills and lathes.

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