Robot Maintenance Technician Certification


The use of robotic systems continues to increase in the Industrial Automation sector. Attaining maintenance and troubleshooting skills is essential to performance and optimal productivity. Employees with this skill set are valuable assets to employers utilizing robotic systems.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation's Robot Maintenance Technician program offers training for new and experienced personnel who are looking to expand their credentials and obtain Mitsubishi Electric Robot Maintenance Technician Certification.

The following identifies the curriculum path one would take to achieve Robot Maintenance Technician Certification.

Certified Robot Maintenance3

Robot Maintenance and Troubleshooting (TRROB001M)
This course is intended to teach the fundamentals of critical maintenance and troubleshooting of Mitsubishi Electric Robot products. Students will learn how to properly start-up, maintain and troubleshoot robot systems. Students will also be instructed on the use of teach pendants and accessing all robot maintenance parameters. This course utilizes the Mitsubishi RV-F/RV-FR Robots for teaching purposes.

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