Robot Simulators


Mitsubishi Electric ROBOT simulators are designed to prepare the next generation of students and workers with the tools they need to succeed in the industrial automation industry. Featuring Mitsubishi Electric's RV2 series vertical robot, we offer both open and closed cell versions to replicate a multitude of applications commonly found in industrial automation. Designed for the classroom environment, Mitsubishi Electric's ROBOT simulators are portable. These cost-effective simulators deliver quick & easy set-up, high performance and accuracy, safety-first functionality, and advanced learning capability. Students will be able to replicate pick & place, material handling, labeling, packaging, and palletizing applications all within the safety of a classroom environment.


Mitsubishi Electric's EDU OP RBTCELL RV2 robot cell offers the same features and benefits as our enclosed RV2 version, but is configured in an open manner with only rear guarding incorporated and safety area scanning device. This robot cell is ideal for high schools, technical colleges and vocational institutions offering advanced industrial automation curriculum. Flexible in design and configuration, the open RV2 robot cell can be customized to suit the needs of a wide variety of applications. Available options include, but are not limited to; end of arm gripping, additional I/O and enhanced teach pendants. This robot cell is ideal for students wanting to learn the fundamentals of programming and set-up of robot systems.



RT-Toolbox3 is the primary software package for Mitsubishi Electric robots that utilize CR_-500, CR_-700 and CR800 Series controllers. This software includes a comprehensive set of tools for all major robot programming and configuration tasks. RT-Toolbox3 runs on PCs with Windows® XP or later OS.