Simulation Software

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Mitsubishi Electric’s NC Trainer 2 Plus Software enables users the option to program, operate and diagnose CNC machine performance from a PC. NC Trainer 2 Plus is specified with the same software elements as one would find on a standard CNC machine with Mitsubishi Electric’s state-of-the-art M8 series controls. Students utilizing NC Trainer 2 Plus Software have the ability to program, configure and verify performance through simulation. Programs developed can be transferred and implemented directly to Mitsubishi M8 series controls quickly and easily.


Mitsubishi Electric's NC TRAINER 2 PLUS SOFTWARE enables students to learn how to program a CNC machine utilizing a laptop computer or PC. NC TRAINER 2 PLUS SOFTWARE is a simulation software that allows theoretical operation of a CNC mill or lathe without the CNC control unit or special display (HMI). This NC Training product is configured with the same software elements one would find on Mitsubishi Electric's state-of-the-art M80 control. NC TRAINER software enables upload or download of programs directly into another Mitsubishi Electric M80 control. Furthermore, this software can be used to educate students in programming, setting tool offsets, feedrates and spindle speeds without the risk of physically damaging a machine tool.

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