Online Training (e-Learning)


Welcome to e-Learning. A variety of online courses intended to familiarize students with the Mitsubishi Electric Automation products are offered to help them gain a basic understanding of the programming software. Topics covered are PLCs, HMIs, Inverters, Servos, Networks, Robots, and much more. The material may be viewed on a PC or Tablet, and may be downloaded as a pdf.


Course material is available in two categories:

  • FA Equipment for Beginners
    These courses are designed to give newcomers to factory automation a general background in the fundamentals and an overview of the relevant products in a short period of time. Examples: PLCs for Beginners, GOT for Beginners

  • Basic Edition / Advanced Editions
    These courses educate all employees, starting from staff members approaching factory automation devices for the first time to those already using them. They introduce the characteristics of the products, and methods of selection, installation, operating, wiring, and more.
    Examples: GX Works2 Basics, GOT Basics, MELSERVO Basics, FREQROL Basics, etc.