Edge Computing Software

top_img12 Products for data collection, analysis and diagnosis in manufacturing facilities. MELIPC products will contribute to on-site improvements by offering preventive maintenance and quality check solutions.


top_img01 Our control solutions provide exceptional reliability, performance, and innovation for a wide range of applications.

Drive Products

top_img02 We offer a comprehensive line of drive products and solutions to satisfy your application needs.


top_img03 A wide range of size lineup, library functions, and easy to use. Try out the Mitsubishi GOT!

Industrial/Collaborative Robots-MELFA

top_img04 With a broad selection of models to choose from, Mitsubishi Electric has the robots needed for high-tech applications.

Low-voltage Power Distribution Products

top_img05 Our low-voltage switchgear provides high performance and ease of operation in applications ranging from branch circuit protection to complex motor control demands.

Power Monitoring Products

top_img06 A comprehensive power monitoring and energy management portfolio that is flexible in meeting all types of applications.

Processing Machines

top_img10 Precise machining produced by highly accurate mechatronics products greatly improves productivity and quality.