Mitsubishi Electric offers an advanced CNC control system to take your machining needs to a higher performance level. Mitsubishi CNC control platforms provide you with a world-known quality product by following three major concepts: High quality, Product reliability and Networking capabilities

M8 Series Product Overview

C80 Series Product Overview

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M800/M80 Series

Full lineup of standalone CNCs well suited for high-speed and high accuracy machining, high productivity and easy operability.


C80 Series

The C80 series controller provides you with the first dedicated CNC CPU and the expandability of the iQ-R platform which allows for endless opportunities for production line machining.


M700V Series

The M700V Series features nano-control technology, a high-speed servo network, and is characterized by its accuracy and operating ease.


M70V Series

The M70V Series control platform is Mitsubishi Electric's global standard CNC, offering high speed and accuracy.


C70 Series

The C70 Series is a rack-based CNC solution offering reliability and reduced tact times.