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MELSERVO-JET Series Linear Servo Motor

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MELSERVO-JET Series Linear Servo Motors


Core type
LM-H3 Series

Max. speed: 3 m/s
Rated thrust:
    70 N to 720 N
Max. thrust:
    175 N to 1800 N
Suitable for space-saving,
high speed and high


Core type
LM-AJ Series

Max. speed: 2 to 6.5 m/s
Rated thrust:
    68.1 N to 446.8 N
Max. thrust:
    214.7 N to 1409.1 N
Low installation height, and suitable for compact X-Y tables.

Basic Performance

  • Maximum speed: 3 m/s (LM-H3 series), 6.5 m/s (LM-AJ series)
  • Maximum thrust range: 175 N to 1800 N. Small size and high thrust.
  • The linear servo motors are compatible with a variety of serial interface linear encoders. The linear encoder resolution ranges from 1 nm and up.
  • High-performance systems such as high-accuracy tandem synchronous control are achieved with CC-Link IE TSN.
  • The linear servo motors feature environmental resistance, designed for an altitude of 2000 m and an ambient temperature of up to 60 ℃. *1, 2
  • *1. Derate the speed/thrust when using the linear servo motors at an altitude exceeding 1000 m and at high ambient temperatures.
  • *2. LM-AJ series is designed for an altitude of 1000 m and an ambient temperature of up to 40 ℃.

Higher Machine Performance

For higher machine performance

  • Improved productivity due to high-speed driving part.

For easier use

  • The linear servo motors enable a simple and compact machine with high rigidity.
  • Smooth operation and clean systems are achieved.

For flexible machine configurations

  • Multi-head and tandem systems are easily configured.
  • The linear servo motors are suitable for long-stroke applications.

[Offers more advantage than conventional ball screw driving systems]

Offers more advantage than conventional ball screw driving systems

Ideal for Multi-Head Systems

Ideal for Multi-Head Systems

  • The linear servo motors configured in tandem are suitable for large systems that require highly accurate synchronous operation between two axes.
  • Multi-head systems enable control of two motor coils independently, thereby simplifying machine mechanisms. This system is suitable for machines that require a short cycle time.

LM-H3 Series / LM-AJ Series

LM-H3 Series / LM-AJ Series Structure

LM-H3 Series / LM-AJ Series Structure

  • The motor primary side consists of laminated core and motor coil. The coil is inserted into the slots on the core. The entire section is molded with resin.
  • The secondary side consists of permanent magnets and a mounting plate. The permanent magnets are precisely positioned and fixed on the mounting plate, and then covered with stainless steel plate.