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MELSERVO-JET Series Rotary Servo Motor

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MELSERVO-JET Series Servo Motors

HG-KNS Series

Small capacity, low inertia
HG-KNS Series

Servo motors with a 22-bit absolute position encoder
Rated speed: 3000 r/min
Maximum speed: 6000 r/min

HG-SNS Series

Medium capacity, medium inertia
HG-SNS Series

Servo motors with a 22-bit absolute position encoder Rated speed: 2000 r/min
Maximum speed: 3000 r/min

  • * The maximum speed varies by the models.

Servo Motors with High-Resolution Encoder

Equipped with a 22-bit Encoder

The HG-KNS/HG-SNS servo motors are equipped with a high-resolution absolute position encoder (4,194,304 pulses/rev) and enable high-accuracy positioning and smooth rotation.*1
The HG-KNS/HG-SNS servo motors are fully compatible with the prior series as they have the same dimensions and use the same encoder and power cables.

  • *1. A battery is required when configuring an absolute position detection system.


Battery (MR-BAT6V1SET-B)

MR-BAT6V1SET-B mounting image

Use the battery to configure an absolute position detection system with an HG-KNS/HG-SNS rotary servo motor.
MR-BAT6V1 is built in MR-BAT6V1SET-B.
Refer to "MELSERVO-JET catalog" for details of the battery.