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FR-Configurator2 Drive Interface Software

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FR-Configurator2 Drive Interface Software

FR-Configurator2 is a versatile software tool that provides an intuitive interface which saves you valuable application setup and programming time. Users can quickly view and set VFD parameter lists, debug programs, check diagnostics and perform system monitoring functions conveniently from their PC, reducing down time when changes to the VFD are needed.

FR-Configurator VFD

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Key Benefits
  • Parameter access – Simplifies the commissioning process by displaying parameters, functions and value range for easy on the fly editing.
  • Graphical capabilities and data capture – Provides an easy to use graphing function for monitoring complex data and machine performance. Data can be reviewed in real time to minimize downtime.
  • Batch monitoring – Conveniently view and display monitored items in a group from a connected or networked inverter, simplifying the troubleshooting process.
  • Test operation – A handy tool that allows the inverter to be jogged or operated at a desired frequency and simplifies commissioning.
  • Developer – This advantageous function allows sequence programs to be created and loaded into the VFD as a solution to decentralize the control system. The 800 Series inverters can be freely customized to fit the machine or customer specifications.
  • Legacy drive conversion – One touch parameter conversion provides an easy one click transition when migrating to the new 800 Series VFD, saving valuable time and effort.

Maintenance and Diagnostics
Users can easily configure detailed graphs and timing charts to assist in the review of complex data from the drive. High speed analog and digital signal data can be captured, reviewed and shared with other FR-Configurator2 users.


System and Drive Parameters
Access drive parameters in a number of ways including: by parameter number, functional group and user defined lists. This allows customers to view data in a manner that is convenient and easy to understand.


Motor Tuning and Drive Setup
Perform motor tuning (off and online) and drive setup using parameters or configuration wizards to minimize the start-up process or maximize motor performance.


Freedom to Customize
Whether an expert or novice with VFDs and commissioning software, users can easily customize setup/monitor data by the parameter number, functional group, or specific user created listing.

Sequence Control Environment
The FR-Developer (sequence control environment) program is included with FR-Configurator2 so there is no need to purchase or manage any additional software titles. Users can access this environment to create complex control logic or simple function blocks for the drive to execute.


Product Details

Model Number


Stocked Item


VFD setup software, 700 Series drives



VFD setup software, A800 and F800 Series drives only


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