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High-Performance Teaching box R86TB Overview

Teaching box R86TB

High-Performance Teaching box R86TB
The R86TB is a new teaching box further evolved from the conventional high-performance teaching box.
Even if a computer cannot be brought to the site, one teaching box can handle a series of processes from setup to maintenance, reducing time and cost.


Improved operability with an easy to operate and intuitive user interface.

  • The HOME screen has function icons, which allow you to access all functions. You can go to the HOME screen anytime by using the HOME button.
  • Frequently used functions such as programs and parameters are always displayed. You can access each function from any screen.
  • Shortcuts for frequently used functions and functions for certain roles can be created on the HOME screen.
    You can also create your own operation screen using the user definition screen functions.
  • Abundant information on the large screen display on the 10.1-inch high-definition. You can check the robot status on the operation panel and 3D monitor while displaying parameters and programs.
    You can reduce the time for switching screens and effort and improve work efficiency.
  • 3D monitor incorporated. It allows you to check the robot movement in 3D mode and visualizes the set parameters and areas.
Features of R86TB

Major functions of the engineering software " MELSOFT RT ToolBox3" incorporated

  • Equipped with the major functions of RT ToolBox3 such as program support functions, parameter and program screens and the 3D monitor.
    Debugging time can be shortened because there is no need to use the teaching box and RT ToolBox3 together.
  • Programs can be edited using the easy edit function and templates.
    They support a wide range of users from robot programming beginners to experienced users.
  • The 3D monitor screen has monitoring functions equivalent to those of RT ToolBox3. Also it can display layouts created in RT ToolBox3.
  • Visualization of setting areas on the 3D monitor screen, settings of safety logic, monitoring of signals, variables, and load conditions, and more features can be utilized with just this one teaching box.
Major functions of the engineering software

Data analysis ways provided for troubleshooting

  • Various types of displays, like the oscillograph and monitor functions (*1), and analysis screens make it possible to perform trouble diagnosis and achieve early troubleshooting without a computer.
  • Even if a computer cannot be brought to the site, one teaching box can handle a series of processes from setup to maintenance, reducing time and cost.
  • (*1:Oscillograph function is not available for CR800-R/Q and CR860-R/Q controllers.)
Data analysis

Data can be utilized together with RT ToolBox3

Workspaces and backup data can be utilized together with RT ToolBox3 via a USB memory.

Data analysis

Compatible Controllers

Compatible Controllers Description
CR800 series 7m long cable, standard
CR700 series With extension cable, Model: 2F-32EXTBST-☐☐M (☐☐: 01, 05, 10, 15m)
CR751:Conversion cable required
(Conversion cable model: 2F-32CON☐☐M (☐☐: 01, 05, 10, 15m)