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Split-Second Timing of TSN Keeps Motion Under Control

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Split-Second Timing of TSN Keeps Motion Under Control

The deterministic network capabilities of CC-Link IE TSN (time-sensitive networking) assures that the complex timing required for sophisticated motion control and other automated applications will never be overwhelmed by network traffic congestion, unlike other Ethernet solutions.

CC-Link IE TSN enables convergence of multiple OT and IT networks, increasing system structure flexibility while reducing wiring costs. It also dramatically reduces communication cycles because the network can simultaneously transmit and receive input and output communication frames in both directions by using network time synchronization.

By adopting TSN, which achieves real-time communication by time-sharing, different networks can coexist on a single cable, enabling high-speed and accurate control. Motion control capabilities are also significantly enhanced. This functionality is critical to achieving the goal of smarter, more productive, and profitable operations.

CCLink IE TSN Product 

Tim Hider, product marketing manager for solutions and networking at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, demonstrates how the split-second timing of CC-Link IE TSN compares to other Ethernet options.

Watch TSN in action at

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