Diamondworks! (Workforce Development)

  • Education and
    Training Resources

    We’ve developed a superior lineup of educational equipment to support your training programs.
  • Partner your School with us!
    Become a Certified Training Center
    Enhance your curriculum
    Empower your students
    Connect to a Global brand
  • Student-Centered Events
    Manufacturing Days
    Student Summits & Exhibits
    Scholarship & Internship Programs
    Apprenticeship Program
  • Credentials for a Lifetime!
    Become an entry-level CNC Programmer or a mid-level Apprentice.

Developing Manufacturing Talent, Building Educational Partnerships and Reshaping Educational Facilities across North America is What We Do!

Diamondworks! is Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Workforce Development Program designed to empower students, employees, and employers with cost-effective and tailored programs in high schools and technical colleges providing educational resources, curriculum support, scholarships and activities which support STEM learning in manufacturing. All STEM educational facilities across North America are eligible for Diamondworks! Certified Educational Partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Automation. Each educational facility housing Mitsubishi Electric equipment is designated as a Diamondworks! Certified Educational Partner.

High school & college students can take single classes using custom equipment at Mitsubishi Electric Automation or at a certified training center.
New and entry-level students have an opportunity to become a Mitsubishi Electric Automation Certified CNC Operator or CNC Apprentice.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation offers a scholarship and apprenticeship program. We also seek partnerships with manufacturing associations, schools and other outlets.