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Introducing Pak/iQ to Boost Intelligence of Smart Packaging Machines


Vernon Hills, Illinois - August 16, 2018

Responding to end user needs to rapidly adjust to changing consumer demands and OEM requirements to incorporate the latest technologies into their machines, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., introduces Pak/iQ™ to solve the challenges of both customer segments in the packaging industry. Pak/iQ is a comprehensive portfolio of packaging products designed to improve the performance and lower the total cost of deploying smart packaging machines.

The foundation of Pak/iQ is Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ platform – a modular programmable automation controller that combines several automation disciplines into a single, simplified architecture. Designed to provide superior OEM productivity and machine performance, Mitsubishi Electric’s portfolio of products and value-add solutions include pre-configured diagnostic and maintenance screens, pre-configured operator screens and a pre-engineered application code library for faster designs. Pak/iQ is ideal for bottling, pillowing and wrapping machines to reduce unscheduled downtime and increase production. 

Key benefits of Pak/iQ include:

  • Highly integrated automation:  controls and robotics coordinate seamlessly 
  • Superior machine performance:  high response, high accuracy and fully synchronized servo motion control maximize productivity
  • Reduced development time and improved production quality:  validated function blocks, sample programs and HMI templates are available for most cut-and-seal applications
  • Easy setup and reliable tuning:  machine learning algorithms allow quick and dynamic optimization of the mechanical system 
  • Secure remote access:  allows real-time machine status check and operation from any location
  • Single software environment:  user-friendly experience with fully integrated PLC and motion configuration, programming and diagnostics

By offering a single solution to end users and OEMs in the packaging industry, we not only provide the latest technology and best-in-breed products, we offer the convenience of a single-source supplier, resulting in better inter-connectivity in the system configuration,” said Elaine Wang, product marketing engineer for servo and motion control, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. “For example, the vibration suppression capabilities of our servo amplifiers allow for faster production due to reduction in unintentional movement in the mechanical components of the machine.”

“Pak/iQ will be particularly welcomed by our OEM customers who want to improve packaging machine innovation for their end user customers,” said Lee Cheung, product marketing engineer for controller and visualization, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. “OEMs will be able to reduce machine development time because of the seamless inter-connectivity of machine components and the ability to reuse existing engineering program code for variations of similar processes.” 

Details about Pak/iQ are available at the Mitsubishi Electric Automation packaging microsite at  Visitors to the microsite can also download white papers on the latest technology trends in packaging. 

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