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Liquid-cooled FR-A800-LC Reduces Enclosure Space and Makes Air Cooling Unnecessary


Vernon Hills, Illinois - May 06, 2019

Mitsubishi Electric Automation announces the release of the FR-A800-LC Series of liquid-cooled Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), designed for machine designers or end users that have restricted control system space or work in an application where air-cooling is difficult. When optimized, using an external liquid cooling system with the liquid-cooling enabled FR-A800-LC allows it to deliver rated power within a small equipment footprint.

The drive contains dedicated monitoring functions that output a warning when coolant in the enclosure decreases, enabling quick detection of system faults. A built-in EMC/capacitive filter and common mode choke filter out adverse frequencies and suppress electromagnetic and radio interference. The drive also supports a 690 VAC power supply voltage, with a wider range also covered.

“There are some major advantages to using a liquid-cooled inverter,” said Chris Rhodes, product marketing engineer at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. “Not only does it remove heat from semiconductor devices and auxiliary components within the inverter, it keeps the entire VFD temperature maintained and constant, letting it function longer and more efficiently.”

The liquid-cooled functionality makes the FR-A800-LC an appropriate fit for heavy industrial applications such as underground mining conveyor systems and shield and tunnel boring systems, as well as HVAC applications like industrial cooling and chiller systems.

More information about the FR-A800-LC Series is available here:

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