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Delivering Complete Solutions, Not Just Parts

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Delivering Complete Solutions, Not Just Parts

Delivering Complete Solutions, Not Just Parts

Automation vendors typically have a long list of products to apply to a potential automation problem. Describing them as bundles or solutions and addressing other concerns such as success stories and vertical market certifications, makes solutions even more attractive.

Devices and systems originally created for factory automation by Mitsubishi Electric are now being applied across many industries. The solutions are very similar in each situation, although standards groups and product certification requirements often vary by industry.

This ability to reapply solutions that have already been developed and proven saves time and money because new users and vendors no longer have to reinvent the wheel.

Application: Fans and Pumps

Systems that control fans and pumps are found in many industrial and commercial applications.

Delivering Complete Solutions Not Just Parts

Controlling the motor according to the surrounding environmental conditions, such as temperature, can achieve significant energy savings. The system design combines an IE3-compliant high-efficiency motor and a high-performance, high-functionality VFD.

Optimum excitation control continuously adjusts the excitation current to an optimum level, providing the highest motor efficiency. The VFD is compatible with IP55 and can be installed nearby, minimizing cable length between the VFD and motor. By enclosing a DC reactor, it requires less wiring and less space.

Monitoring energy

Connecting a VFD with a Mitsubishi Electric energy-measuring unit via CC-Link communications allows power consumption to be monitored and managed. Constantly measuring current (or power) consumption can help prevent serious faults and equipment failure, ultimately resulting in reduced production losses.

preventive maintenance

By constantly monitoring the motor current for abnormal changes, any motor trouble can be detected before a serious problem occurs.

Sudden changes in current/power and usage volume are often a sign that there is a problem with equipment. The energy measure module detects any signs of trouble to allow the problem to be remedied before failure of equipment or an accident occurs.

Maintenance and overhaul measures can be taken to avoid damage caused by production line stoppages and the expense of replacing equipment. In this way, an energy measuring module helps to ensure safe operation of equipment while reducing costs.

Application: Electric Crane

Controlling the turning, lifting, lowering and elevating movement of a crane for cargo handling.

crane cargo

While this model system design applies to large, cargo-carrying ships, it is also related to the cranes used in many industrial and logistics settings such as steel and automotive plants, rail yards or wherever heavy loads must be moved.

Design features include reduced tact time. Using the shortest-time torque startup function of the crane-dedicated VFD shortens the time from startup to brake release. The dedicated monitoring of the crane VFD contributes to preventive maintenance. Connecting multiple VFDs via CC-Link IE Field Network reduces wiring and enhances the monitoring function.

e-F@ctory Automation Solutions Reduce Total Costs

eFactory Automation Solutions Reduce Total Costs

Enabling data from shop floor devices to be transmitted to IT applications for analysis provides insights that enable continuous improvement in plant operations. The convergence between OT and IT is the foundation for the development of smart factories that are more productive, with improved product quality and lower costs. And with the increased visibility of engineering, production and the supply chain, the entire enterprise can be more efficient and profitable.

Since its founding in 1870, Mitsubishi Electric has stood for premium quality. As one of the world's leading companies with a global turnover of over $40 billion, and employing more than 100,000 people, Mitsubishi Electric has the resources and commitment to deliver the best in service and support along with its superior products.

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