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See the Future of Online Training at ICONICS Institute

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See the future of online training at ICONICS Institute

See the Future of Online Training at ICONICS Institute

Interactive online training resources provided by suppliers of manufacturing software and hardware, as well as by original equipment makers, have become transformative tools for educating a company's workforce about modern automation technologies.

While the trend toward online training started years ago, the lockdowns that began with the COVID-19 pandemic supercharged the move away from in-person training. Enabling people to bite off manageable chunks of information at their own pace has actually become a powerful driver of the acceptance and adoption of new technologies. One of the most comprehensive online training resources is the ICONICS Institute, which houses hundreds of videos providing information about various aspects of the company's portfolio of automation software.

Founded in 1986 near Boston, ICONICS has been developing advanced software for 35 years. It's proven HMI/SCADA analytics and mobile solutions running in the cloud are operating in nearly every industry, with 375,000 installations in more than 100 countries around the world. Designed as a tool to be applied to most applications, the ICONICS Suite is one of the most flexible offerings on the market.

ICONICS offers in-person training as well as its online ICONICS Institute. Cynthia Teng, a trainer/solution sales engineer who joined the company a few months before the pandemic, helped create many of these videos. "For me, from a trainer's perspective, the ICONICS Institute is a fantastic resource. It's a library, or catalog, if you will, offering a ton of great ‘how to' videos on ICONICS software.

"I view the Institute as a super convenient resource that has quickly become my go-to destination whenever I want to enrich my understanding of a particular module or topic. Think of these videos as supplementary to the online documentation, application notes and calls to a tech support person that ICONICS offers customers." Teng says the ICONICS Institute allows people to quickly learn what training/documentation collateral is available. "Many of the videos are designed to help people grasp the basics of using the software and its powerful capabilities.

ICONICS Institute

"We also have videos, mainly for more advanced users such as system integrators, that go into in-depth detail on how to implement and utilize some of the powerful features of the software," she explains. "Attendees in my training courses tell me they use those videos on-site to train end users and operators. "An ancillary benefit of the Institute was how it has enhanced the efficiency with which our technical support team was able to guide users to relevant videos that help explain the concept of what the user was trying to accomplish, in a visual and easy to understand way."

ICONICS plans to continue to improve site navigation to provide a specific guided roadmap to assist users who are brand new to its products and to help them understand which videos to watch. The new navigation will also help advanced users more quickly get to the specific information they need. And new videos will be highlighted, especially videos that explain new software features. To learn more about the ICONICS Institute and the useful support it can provide, visit

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