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Converting Solution

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Converting Solution

iQ Monozukuri Converting is a complete and powerful engineering tool to help printing and converting OEMs and end users shorten development time of new machines. It includes function blocks for speed/torque control, converting application sample programs, and sample GOT screens. iQ Monozukuri Converting is available for the iQ-R Series only.

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Iq Monozukuri Converting

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Key Benefits
  • Reduce program development time – Easily create projects based on function blocks, sample programs, and sample GOT screens included in the package.
  • Effortless engineering adoption – Engineer-tested function blocks simplify programming complexity, requiring only basic industry knowledge.
  • Cutting-edge tension control technology – Patented function ‘Tension control auto tuning’ adjusts PI gain automatically during operation to achieve the most accurate tension control result.
  • Boost production throughput – Create efficient programs for fast processing and productivity.
  • Improve production quality – Highly synchronized motion control for accurate and consistent operation implemented with simple motion modules.
  • Flexible and scalable for various applications – Function blocks are applicable various types of converting machines. Machine programs can be standardized for use on different machines.
 Running paper375w

FUNCTION BLOCKS – Productive and Reliable

A wide range of reliable function blocks for packaging applications will improve production and shorten machine program development time. Please see the all available function blocks in the appendix list.

 converting fb 600w

PROGRAM EXAMPLES – Reusable and Scalable

Converting program examples are available. These can also be easily converted to other application programs.

 sample program750w

SAMPLE GOT SCREENS – Intuitive and Practical

Axis setting, equipment design (tension control winding, reel change settings, etc.) and production management screens ensure quick and easy interaction between operators and machines.



iQ Monozukuri Converting Function Block Library

 Converting Library Table750w  

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