HVAC Solutions

Our dedicated HVAC solutions are perfectly adapted for the special needs of the commercial building sector.
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Customized Products


Allow Mitsubishi Electric to make your job easier. We can support you by taking care of activities like special labeling, pre-loading of programs, and custom interfaces so you have the confidence your customers or service members can supply and install the equipment needed quickly and without additional steps.

Product List

Custom labeling

CustomLabelingS Custom product labels, not for branding but for purposes such as part numbering, is a common request. We can provide custom labels as a value-added service to make your job easier.

Electromechanical Solution

ElectromechanicalS Electromechanical solutions as a value-added service can include end-of-arm tooling, frame bases, auxiliary units, or actuators (custom or off the shelf). They can involve specific, instructed service, like a mechanical extension to a servo with a linear ball screw.

Parameterization and Programming

ProgrammingS We can preinstall parameters so that the product is ready to install what you need and have it running quickly to save time.

Firmware Customization

FirmwareCustomizationS We’ll create custom firmware constructed to your needs and embed it into your product before we ship it out. This is currently only available for VFD (inverter) products, but support for servo products is coming soon.

Hardware Add-On

HardwareAddonS When your project requires an interface module, let our engineers design and build it to your specifications, saving time and providing ease of use.

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Inverter Information

We offer a complete line of Inverter components and accessories.
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