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In unexpected situations like the COVID-19 pandemic, some usual procedural precautions and routines aren’t able to be followed for long term production shutdown. In the automation world, this includes activities like regular machine maintenance, parameter backups, checking the life of equipment batteries, and regular running of machines to distribute fresh lubricant on gears.

When the unexpected happens, we can assist with overcoming issues you may encounter when you start back up or ramp-up production to full capacity. We’re ready to help get you back up and running smoothly. Reach out for assistance on any potential startup issues, or contact us for additional service needs.

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Our technical support staff is still available to all our customers at no cost within our business hours of Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm CT.

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 Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNCs)

Areas of concern when restarting machines include failure of controller batteries used to hold programs and parameters; failure of amplifier batteries used for storing absolute positioning; and failure of coolant pumps which provide machining coolant.
Contact our technical support line to get assistance if you experience these issues.

 Programmable Logic Controllers

A common concern when restarting a PLC that has been powered down for a significant period of time is loss of the PLC program due to battery failure.
Use these procedures to replace batteries.

 Human-Machine Interfaces (GOT)

GOT screens are handled and touched constantly and can be a concern for transmission of contaminants. It is important to clean it properly to protect operators.


When unexpected prolonged shutdowns occur, there are key things we believe should be checked prior and services performed to re-start a robot and reduce potential performance issues.

  Servo Motors and Amplifiers

Servo drives can experience failure on power up, especially older drives, after being powered down for a long period of time, with the capacitors and batteries being the most likely source of the problem. Batteries on servo amps allow the axis to operate in absolute position mode. The axis will retain the motor position when the servo amplifier is powered down, however battery failure will result in a loss of absolute position, and require the axis to rehomed. Fault codes “9F”, “9F.1”, and “92.3” indicate your servo amplifier battery should be replaced.
Use the following procedures to replace batteries.

 Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

Before restarting a VFD or inverter after a period of inactivity, there are a number of checks that should be performed before returning to normal operation.