F900 Series


Background: The F900GOT family was first released in 1998 and has served as Mitsubishi's cost effective Human Machine Interface solution. These terminals offered many unique and useful functions and considered by most, the best maintenance tool next to having a PC. The 900 series was compatible with both rack-based and SuperMicroTM control systems and is now succeeded by the GOT2000 series.

Lifecycle: Introduced (1998) - Discontinued (2006)

Service Life: Repair service for F900 Series products continues until 2013 or until parts/components become unavailable.

Migration Info: The F900 Series is succeeded by the GOT2000 series. In most cases, the GOT2000 is a drop in replacement for the F900 Series but there are some situations where product functionality does not match up 100%, we encourage customers to contact your local Mitsubishi office or sales outlet to discuss the options that are available.