Background: The FX0N presented an additional option for users who were looking for a larger I/O count, but only needed limited functionality. The FX0N still contained many advanced functions and the ability to connect to special function modules to add analog, communications, and other functionality.

Lifecycle: Introduced (1993) - Discontinued (2006)

Service Life: Repair Period Ended January, 2013

Migration Info: The FX3G PLC should be used in place of an FX0N PLC. The FX3G has the same I/O configurations as the FX0N and the terminal blocks can be removed from the FX0N and placed in the FX3G, so no additional wiring is required. FX0N PLCs can be programmed using the same software as the FX3G, but some review is necessary to ensure that all functions of the program are migrated successfully. Please contact your local Mitsubishi representative if additional assistance is required.

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