Spindle Amplifier Upgrade


An upgrade to current digital technology means parts will be more readily available for years to come, ultimately increasing your system’s uptime. In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to be able to maximize productivity and simultaneously minimize costs. Whether you have analog or digital systems, a Mitsubishi Electric spindle amplifier upgrade can be a good solution to both of these needs.

Primary benefits of replacing your current drive with MDS drives are:

  • Better availability of replacement parts
  • Improved repairability
  • Ability to buy spares (MDS drive, CV unit, etc.) to keep on hand to further reduce downtime

When you upgrade to the MDS-SPA spindle drive you will also benefit from the ability to troubleshoot problems easier, improved alarm details and have the ability to upload and download parameters to the drive using a laptop equipped with SPAMON software.

Upgrading your spindle can give you a cost effective option to keep your machine running production and extend the machine’s life. Call us today at 847-478-2500 x 2 or email service@meau.com to learn more about upgrading your spindle.