Cleaning & Inspecting Service


Over time, electrical components may not perform the way they did when they were brand new. Maybe your control is taking longer to boot up in the morning or perhaps you have to cycle power a couple times to get a drive to come up ready. These are the first signs of a component starting to fail. Tackle the problem early by sending in your equipment to be cleaned and inspected by a Mitsubishi Electric repair expert.

Leaky capacitors, bad resistors, faulty switches, or something as simple as a broken wire are things that can be addressed and fixed before a circuit board or drive fails. A dusty shop environment can cause contaminants to settle on your electrical equipment and have the potential to cause shorts leading to board or component damage. To help prevent a large, expensive repair or part replacement, we recommend sending your equipment in periodically to be cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaner and tested in our repair facility as a preventative measure before a larger, unexpected failure occurs.

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