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Mitsubishi Electric offers educational tools which equip students for careers in Industrial Automation, CNC Systems, and Manufacturing. Our lineup of training resources is complete with products which are essential to the learning and development of future Engineers, CNC Operators, Robot Integrators, PLC Programmers, and other Industrial Technology employees. We offer equipment that supports hands-on, single-user, and group learning. Furthermore, our training equipment can be utilized in factories, high schools, technical colleges and other institutions of higher learning.



Mitsubishi Electric CNC simulators provide real-world exposure to the world’s fastest CNC without having to have a traditional machine available. Students are able to navigate, program, and simulate milling and turning operations before they are applied to a real machine. Simulators are ideal for new CNC programmers and operators.

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As one of the most common Industrial Automation products utilized in Manufacturing, programmable logic controllers (PLC) must be taught to any student looking to work within a factory environment. Mitsubishi Electric provides a desktop version of our latest PLC technology that allows students to gain experience in PLC programming and ladder logic development.

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In addition to our standard IQ-R training simulator, Mitsubishi has developed a safety version that allows students to gain experience in integrating safety PLC hardware into such applications as factory assembly lines and machining cells. This unit is perfect for the student who desires to work within an automotive factory environment.

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Mitsubishi Electric robot cells provide a compact Industrial robotic arm that is suited for introductory to advanced robotic-education programs. This cell can be equipped with different options for safety, barrier protection, and portability. Moreover, our robot cells can be customized with different robot models – for different applications. Applications such as pick & place, material handling, labeling & packaging, palletizing and testing are all accomplished on Mitsubishi robots – just to name a few.

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 3D Printer-CNC Mill Combo Machine


This machine truly has it all – standard CNC milling plus additive machining. With this machine, instructors have the opportunity to teach the process of traditional metal-cutting using the CNC side while exploring the new, emerging technology of 3D printing on the other side. Students will have the opportunity to learn two distinct concepts on one machine.

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With only 110 volts required, our desktop milling machine functions as a real CNC machine on a bench, table or laboratory desk. With three axes and a spindle, and paired with our M80 CNC System, students will be able to learn the intricacies of motion control as they run a live machine. The Desktop CNC Mill is perfect for elementary and high schools – at three times less the cost of a traditional machine.

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This CNC machine bridges the gap between educational and industry requirements – all within a mobile, pushcart configuration. This mill was designed with the classroom in mind as it can be rolled through standard-sized doors and uses a standard wall outlet (110v). Moreover, this machine uses coolant and a 10-station tool changer to achieve the closest representation of a traditional machine tool with the added benefit of supporting a classroom environment with limited space.

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Imagine programming, navigating, and controlling a CNC machine on a laptop. NC Trainer 2 Plus is an application for operating the CNC screen and machining programs on a computer without the CNC control unit or a special display unit. It can also be used for learning CNC operations and checking machining programs. The machining programs created with NC Trainer 2 Plus can be used on actual CNCs.

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Prepare your students today for the vast opportunities that exist within Manufacturing! Join countless other companies and institutions who have taken the first step in preparing their students and employees for exciting careers in Factory Automation. Contact us directly at (847) 478-2363 or complete the form below to be put in contact with a Mitsubishi Electric Workforce Development Representative.