PLC Simulators


Mitsubishi Electric PLC simulators are designed to prepare the next generation of students and workers with the tools they need to succeed in the industrial automation industry. As one of the most common Industrial Automation products utilized in Manufacturing, programmable logic controllers (PLC) must be taught to any student looking to work within a factory environment. Mitsubishi Electric provides a desktop version of our latest PLC technology that allows students to gain experience in programming and ladder logic development.


Based upon Mitsubishi Electric's popular iQ Series PLC, the iQ PLC simulator is ideal for students wanting hands-on instruction in programming one of the most common logic controllers Mitsubishi Electric has to offer. Designed for the classroom environment, this unit easily sits on a desktop and is portable. Utilizing MELSOFT GX Works2 and GT Works3 software, students will learn to configure and program both PLC and HMI. Once the simulator is configured and programmed, students can validate performance by cycling the unit to verify functionality without the risk of physically damaging a machine.

iQ PLC SIM New200x150


The iQ-F simulator incorporates our popular iQ-F Compact PLC and GT27 HMI. Ideal for the classroom environment, this simulator is portable and delivers teachers an off the shelf solution to address instruction or testing requirements. Mitsubishi Electric's iQ-F simulator is a cost-effective solution that delivers a wide variety of programming capability and functionality for entry level to advanced curriculum's. The iQ-F simulator can also be customized to support motion through the addition of Mitsubishi Electric VFD's or servos.



The iQ-R simulator takes advantage of our feature rich iQ-R modular PLC and GT27 HMI. The iQ-R is a full featured control platform with fast processing speeds, network and module synchronization, and multi-discipline control. Students utilizing this simulator will benefit from being trained on the latest technology, and will be prepared to lead in the respective industries they tend to pursue. The iQ-R simulator can also be customized to support motion through the addition of Mitsubishi VFD's or servos.



The iQ-R integrated safety solution offers the ability to easily integrate safety functionality in one platform over one network using one software package. Utilizing MELSOFT GX Works 3 and GT Works3 software, students will learn to configure and program the PLC and HMI. The simulator features Mitsubishi Electric's feature rich iQ-R controller with additional safety features that comply with EN ISO 13849-1 category 4/PL e and IEC 61508 SIL 3 international safety standards. This simulator allows students to gain experience in integrating safety PLC hardware into applications such as factory assembly lines and machining cells.



The iQ-R PLC MOTION SIM further expands the capabilities of both the standard iQ-R and iQ-F MOTION simulators by incorporating enhanced I/O capability through the addition of digital and analog modules. In doing so, students can program and simulate both analog and digital sensors and switch activation throughout a given cycle. The simulator can also be programmed to deliver alarm and warning capability should the student want to incorporate this into the cycle. This simulator is ideal for students wanting advanced training to simulate more difficult applications commonly found in the industrial automation sector.


iQ Works

iQ Works is a comprehensive software suite that enables intuitive programming and setup of any Mitsubishi Electric system, including network configuration, PLC programming, motion controller and servo setup, and GOT screen design. Simulators and label sharing are also integrated to simplify cross-discipline engineering and troubleshooting. The highly graphical and fully customizable workspace provides a user-friendly interface with full visibility and control over the entire system.


GX Works3

GX Works3 is the programming and configuration software for iQ-F and iQ-R controllers. Following the goal of maximum efficiency, GX Works3 conforms to IEC61131-3 standards, allowing developers to mix and match between five different programming languages and save parts of projects in libraries for use within future applications.


GT Works3

Software suite for GOT2000 and GOT1000 screen design, including support software for additional functions. Simple, attractive screen design includes innovative software features.