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FR-A800-CRN Series (Crane & Hoist) Overview

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FR-A800-CRN Inverter for Crane Operation

The FR-A800-CRN variable frequency drives are designed specifically for crane and hoist applications to achieve fast, robust, and smooth operation. With built-in features such as vibration suppression control, torque build-up in the shortest possible time, and load-based speed control, the FR-A800-CRN series VFD enables cycle time optimization, resulting in increased productivity, smooth operations and overall user safety.


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Key Benefits

  • Anti-sway control – Eliminates swinging loads caused by speed changes during load handling, ensuring smoother operation and reduced ‘tact’ or settling time.
  • Shortest time start-up feature – Adapts to changing load masses. When light loads are moved up or down by a crane, the speed will automatically be increased for quicker movements.
  • Tension control (inertia compensation/mechanical loss compensation) – The torque required for acceleration/deceleration and the mechanical loss compensation torque are controlled, keeping the material tension constant and reducing wrinkling or deformations within the material roll.
  • Dedicated sequencing system – Interface with mechanical brakes during raising and lowering. Adjusting the speed control P gain in low-speed ranges improves response at low speed and shortens the time from startup to brake opening.
  • Falling load detection – Detects unexpected load dropping. When the commanded direction differs from the actual motor rotation direction, the falling detection signal is output.
  • Optimum excitation control for reducing energy consumption – We have adopted and perfected optimum excitation control to ensure that the energy-saving effects are realized during constant torque as well as during the motor’s acceleration/deceleration operations.

Intelligent Energy Optimization

As a result of the enhanced optimum excitation control in Mitsubishi Electric variable frequency drives, over current is no longer generated during steep acceleration/deceleration even without limiting the amount of voltage compensation during these operations which ultimately provides improved energy savings.


Advanced Drive Configurations

  • Reduction in Tact Time – Mitsubishi Electric’s original anti-sway control technology eliminates the swaying of the load moved by a crane at the time it stops in place without additional operator adjustments. This control reduces the tact time and for quicker and more efficient operation.

  • Tact reduction

  • Shortest-Time Torque Startup Function  – Shortening the time from the start command to when the brake opens contributes to a reduction in tact time.

  • Torque Startup Function

  • Magnetic Flux Command During Pre-Excitation – Decreasing the pre-excitation current during a motor stop reduces power consumption during standby, and enables rapid startup of the torque.

  • CRNLineUp

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