S500 Series


Background: Introduced near the start of the 21st century, the S500 was a big step up from its predecessor, the U120. PID control was now available in a micro drive! Single phase input up to 2HP in the 240V class and 5HP in 480V, the S500's thumbwheel control was a big hit with customers around the globe.

Lifecycle: Introduced (2000) - Discontinued (2009)

Service Life: Repair service for S500 Series products continues until 2019 or until parts/components become unavailable.

Migration Info: The D700 is a drop in replacement mechanically with respect to bolt hole dimensions and electrically with respect to terminal markings. Take note of the motor's FLA when sizing, as the D700 is rated in amps as opposed to kW. We encourage customers to contact your local Mitsubishi office or sales outlet to discuss options that are available.

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