3 Year On-Site Warranty
3 Year On Site Warranty

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Every minute that your robot is down, it impacts the profitability and effectiveness of your operations. Our factory-trained staff is ready to diagnose problems and provide repair options on-site or at our facility.

Our engineering experts, seasoned repair professionals and a large inventory of spare parts combine to quickly and accurately repair and return your robot.

If your robot operates in a clean room environment, you can be assured we have options for you. Our clean room service center is a rigid wall, Class 10, ISO 4 facility, utilizing state-of-the-art HEPA and ULPA filtration systems, and is the only certified clean room located outside of Japan. We can test to 0.3 microns, ensuring repaired robots do not contaminate your operations. We return the robot with detailed particle testing documentation to ensure it meets your standards before it is re-introduced into a clean room environment.

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