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GT25 Rugged Series Overview

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GT25 Rugged Series HMI - Built for Extreme Environments

The GT25 Rugged Series HMI is a damage-resistant graphical operator terminal built to withstand extreme environments and conditions. Reinforced with a metal housing, this rugged model is a good fit for applications that require extra durability or exposure to sunlight, such as construction equipment and food processing systems which need high-pressure wash down, and heavy machinery like cranes and ships.

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Key Benefits
GT25 Rugged Series HMI
  • -20 to 65° C (-5 to 150° F) temperature range – The GT25 Rugged can function at a wide temperature range where standard panels would be damaged or destroyed.
  • Flexible connectivity – Two integrated Ethernet ports allow connection to two separate networks, and GOT Mobile enables remote access, allowing users to view data in real time or operate the system using a mobile device.
  • Vibration and shock resistant – The front panel is reinforced to handle shock at twice the level of similar HMIs.
  • Extra bright screen view – The LCD panel is 2x brighter than non-rugged models, providing a clear screen view even under strong sunlight.
  • Water jet resistant – The GT25 Rugged can withstand direct blasts from water jets, making it a good fit for environments that use high-pressure jets or hoses to wash equipment such as food processing systems.
  • UV resistant – Reinforced with extra UV-absorbing layers, the GT25 Rugged blocks 95% of UV rays to protect the internal LCD panel from damage. The optional UV protection sheet improves resistance even further.


Man Using Control Panel
  • Flexible configuration – Configure your HMI to suit your specific needs by using the functions and capabilities available with communication and wireless options.
  • Maintenance platform – With easy access to detailed system information, PDF/video work instructions, ladder/CNC monitoring, and programs such as a backup and restore function, maintenance is quick and convenient.
  • Remote connectivity – GOT Mobile enables remote access, allowing users to view data in real time or operate the system using a mobile device.
  • MES connectivity – Utilize the multi-communication abilities to create a powerful MES gateway system.
  • Two USB ports (device and host) – Transfer projects, download data logs, and connect devices such as a USB mouse, keyboard, barcode reader or RFID reader.
  • Expanded memory – 32MB ROM for storage; 128MB RAM for operation
  • Device monitoring – The alarm and logging functions alert the user when errors are detected, providing visual feedback in the form of graphs or lists to help find the cause of the problem.
  • Two Ethernet ports – Use Ethernet to simultaneously connect to up to four types of industrial devices from different manufacturers.
  • Diverse applications – With its vibration and shock resistance, UV protection, and ability to withstand jet wash down, the GT25 Rugged is well-suited for harsh applications.

Alarm Function

Logging Function

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