Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. provides solutions that enhance and complement Mitsubishi Electric standard products to meet specific requirements for customers in the Americas markets.

Updated - (08/18/2016)

PackML OEM Template Package iQ (v3.50)
PackML OEM Template Package iQ-R (v4.20)
The PackML OEM template package includes a fully compliant PackML program, along with documentation for use with an iQ and iQ-R Platform PLC from Mitsubishi Electric. Using this template package, a significant amount of work can be reduced for OEM users who want to use PackML for new or existing packaging machines.

Flexible Assembly Configuration MEL-FACS (v4.10)
MEL-FACS provides a template program with standard function blocks to work with eFlex Assembly Configuration software. It also includes standard HMI (eHMI) screens for tasks monitoring.

Powertrain Assembly Solution MELPT (v3.02)
MELPT provides template operator interface screens and standard application function blocks that can be implemented easily by OEMs and/or machine builders to develop powertrain assembly and CNC systems to meet specific customer requirements. The following functionalities are included in the solution:

  • FieldBus Network Diagnostics (ProfiNet, ProfiBus, CC-Link IE Field, CC-Link)
  • Manual operation
  • Cycle Time
  • Faults Handling
  • FIS/MPTS/Andon (FCA specific)
  • RFID (Balluff and Omron)
  • Simple Motion
  • Tool Management

Third Party Devices Reference:
Balluff BIS V RFID (v3.02)
Balluff IO Link - ProfiBus (v2.02)
Balluff IO Link - ProfiNet (v2.02)