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GT27 Series Overview

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Multi-touch Advanced HMI - GT27 Series

The GT27 Series is a top end graphical operator terminal which includes displays from 5.7" all the way to 15" with resolutions of XGA, SVGA and VGA depending on model selection. It is an advanced model with multi-touch and gesture functions providing users tablet like operation. A wide variety of specifications and enhanced functionality helps suit every customer application.

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Key Benefits
iQ-F Series
  • Gesture operations – An industry first, allows operators to interact intuitively with the terminal, increasing efficiency and visibility
  • Flexible configuration – Create a GOT to match needs, with communication, multimedia, wireless option is also available
  • Maintenance platform – On-demand portal for accessing detailed system information and PDF/video work instructions, ladder and CNC monitoring, programs backup and restore function
  • Remote connectivity– GOT Mobile enables remote access on GT27 allowing users to view data in real time or operate system using mobile devices
  • MES connectivity – Utilize GT27 multi communication abilities to create a powerful MES gateway system
  • Front 2 USB ports (device and host) – Transfer projects, data logging, connect USB mouse, keyboard, barcode reader or RFID reader
  • Human sensor – GT27 automatically detects an operator approaching GOT and displays the screen
  • Expended memory for storage (ROM) – 57MB, for operation (RAM): 128MB
  • HDMI port option available – An HDMI output is available as an additional option. This allows the incorporation of Andon systems, or for machine data to be publicly displayed on a large TV monitor so an entire factory floor can reference it.



It has webserver functionality useful for production monitoring and operation available on GT25 and GT27 Series. GOT Mobile is designed to monitor controllers using browsers on information devices such as tablets, phones and personal computers.



GT27 records and plays the image taken by video camera connected to multimedia unit. User can play recorded and stored video directly on HMI. Video can also be sent to personal computer using file transfer function (FTP).



Gesture operation in the GT27 provides the ability to perform zoom and scroll in screens and objects. The special analog touchscreen of the GT27 enables it to allow multi-touch operation.


GT27 now has advanced drive control connectivity functions for MR-J4 and MR-JE Series. The goal is to minimalize startup time, adjustment and maintenance work of servo amplifiers by eliminating need of personal computer.


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